Heat exchanger

Is it cost effective to change a heat exchanger if it is cracked? Or is it just as costly to put a new furnace in. This is a upflow Goodman, 3 burner.

I just had a client recently that had her friend replace the heat exchanger in a 15 yr gas pack.

The only reason it was done was due to free labor.

Typical cost for that size gas pack is about 4500 new and 4000 for a heat exchanger including labor. Lots of labor involved in that.

Makes no sense to me to replace a heat exchanger unless the unit is less than 4 years and the labor is free or just a few hundred.

I heard that there aren’t many heat exchanger assemblies that cost less than a $1000 just for the parts. Doesn’t make sense to throw that kind of money into an old furnace, even if labor is free, when you can buy a brand new one for between $2000 to $3000 (at least in this area).

Agree replace the furnace. Also, many units now are alot more efficient than old one’s so the saving’s will be noticable.