Heat pump & electrical question

This is a two-part question.
First, the home has two heat pumps, however it was 30-40 deg. F outside today and only the “Emergency Heat” resistance strips kicked on…not the compressor, even when the desired temperature was reached.

Second, the 1st floor’s unit was pulling enough current to make the 50-Amp breaker hot–120 deg F. The other unit’s breaker was only 84 deg F or so. (The remaining, smaller breakers in the main panel were around 60 deg F).

So, question#1–Shouldn’t the compressors be engaging, even if a large temperature increase is requested at the thermostats?(Even a 2 deg increase was atempted & the condenser’s still didn’t engage).

And #2, if the resistance strips are working (and they were running for a few hours to heat the house), should the 50A breaker with 6 AWG wiring still overheat, even if the unit is rated for a max 50-60 amp breaker?

Thanks in advance!


No# 1, not enough information.

No#2, Yes they should heat up, and they are not “overheating” (with the information you provided).