Heat Pump Garage Attic

A first for me, heat pump air handler located garage attic with supply and return ducts located house living space and the GARAGE. I know the ducts to the garage space must be removed. Question, can the air handler remain in the attic to supply conditioned air to the living space? With no combustion air needed for a heat pump, the location may be OK, responses would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t have a problem with the air handler located in the attic. Other than being a pain to change the filters (unless located elsewhere) and making sure there is an appropriate drain pan and condensate line installed, I don’t see an issue.

It must be an attached garage so where is the access to the unit? Did the firewall get breached with drop down stairs? or is the garage attic separated from the rest of the home’s attic?

Homes that have furnaces / air handlers in the garage have ducting in this area all the time. Do you mean ducting or registers / return air vents? Ducting could be present as long as it is sealed properly.

Supply and return ducts terminated both in the garage and within living space.

gent 124.JPG

gent 128.JPG

The return is a “no no” in the garage. Along with the fire breach if thats the residence side. But definitely a write up. I’ve thought about adding a register in my shop area of the garage and checked with the insurance co. just in case of a fire and said I would still be covered. Went ahead and put a window unit in instead.