Heat Pump Heat Mode Differentials

Had two heat pumps today operating in 46-degree weather. I ran the heat pumps in the heat mode and got 18 and 19 degree differentials respectively (90/72 and 91/72). Am I to assume that the cooling mode would produce the same differentials?

They could, when taking the readings at the same time.

No, too many variables to consider. I never would assume that, and I certainly wouldn’t add any similar type of wording to the report.

Keep it simple without creating any possible confusion.


As Kevin said, I would not “assume” anything of the such.

For me, I narrate only what I observed in compliance with my SOP. If I did not run it in cooling mode, I disclose that and why.

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No, hot and cold air are two different animals.

HVAC Ducts can only be optimized for hot or cold, not both. You pick the most important mode for you region (hopefully).

Houses with supply and returns both in the floor or ceiling levels will never be right.