Heat pump testing

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I have recently tested heat pumps that register a higher heat in the heat mode 112 degrees then go lower when switched to emergency heat, 102 degrees. I figured the heat mode was adding aux heat but the termostate was only set 2 degrees higher than room temp? why does it go down when manually switched to e-heat. I even waited 3-5 min just in case it had a lag period. outside temp was 65 degrees could this have something to do with it. unit was 3 years old.

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On Carrier (probably most other brands as well) your

heat pump will operate when the SYSTEM or MODE control

is set to HEAT.

With the SYSTEM or MODE control set to
EHEAT, the heat pump will turn off and the supplementary
heat source will be activated.

From Carrier - "The emergency heat (EHEAT) setting on your Carrier electronic thermostat can be used to turn off your heat pump and use
only the supplemental heating source"

Also, Carrier says to not operate your unit in heating mode when outdoor
temperatures are at or above 66?F unless you set your thermostat
to emergency heat mode.