Heat Pump Tonnage

Not sure of the tonnage for this unit. To me it looks like a 2005 heat pump with 1.5 tons or 18,000 BTU’s … or is it 2.5 tons??? It’s a small house with garage conversion and addition.
In case it’s not readable:
Ser# 4205E11896
Prod# 38EYG018—301–
Mod# 38EYG018300

1.5 tons date of MFG 42nd week of 2005. The average life expectancy of the compressor within a split system HP located on the west side of the structure is 12 years give or take. What else can I do for ya???:D:D:D:D

Write the report??? Thanks. I was afraid it was 1.5 tons but the 30 threw me off. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t calling something undersized that might not be. Thanks you very much.

I’d be careful about calling out the loads on houses now. Some of the newer more efficient homes we only put 1 ton in per every 1,000 sq ft depending upon the insulation without any problems.

If you go to places like Germany they have passive houses with hardly any heating or cooling, but they also insulate the slabs themselves to like an R-30. And have walls with R-38.

I agree, unless you’re trained in that area I would avoid calling it out.
Sizing HVAC depends on many factors.
Its also beyond the SOP, it’s ok to go beyond but limit it to areas you really know.