Heat pump water heaters ?

Thoughts on heat pump water heaters .
Good idea or bad idea .
. Has any one got one and you glad or sad.

What make is recommended

I’m still boiling it over an open fire. Lol

Loud, and they need a good warm room/garage to operate properly.


In our climate, they would make a cold basement even colder and at the price of electricity in Ontario, expensive to operate as compared to gas WH.

They have to be installed outside the conditioned envelope so unfortunately many homes are out. I have seen a number of garage installations up here in Washington. Many are cold during the winter but that does not seem to affect the units since attached garages seem to stay in the 50 degree range that is not an issue with these units. If I had a choice without a massive replumb, I would install one in a flash.

Thanks marcel Gas is not an option Propane is and I think it is a lot more expensive than Ontario electric. +50%~ … Not for me I have gas Thanks