Heat Pump wires feeding new gas furnace?

Hello Everyone… I came across this in a GE Panel today. The homes in this community originally had Heat Pumps but have converted to Gas. I saw the old a H/pump wiring in the attic and it was spliced in a box. When I opened the panel I saw this(pic) 14 gauge wire spliced to the aluminum heat pump wiring from attic(no ground). I have done several houses with this conversion and usually find the old wiring terminated in the attic and new wiring run to the panel. Beside there being no ground is there technically anything else I should mention.


Are the conductors sized appropriately?

They are sized to the breaker appropiately, but there does not appear to be a ground to the bus bar.

No problem with the splice if sized appropriately and when proper connectors are used. The missing egc should be reported.

Thanks Jeff…Just wanted to be sure. appreciate the quick response!

The old ground was probably reused. As long as it was still properly bonded at the furnace end there would be no need for any changes at the panel end.