Heat pumps in Florida?

You guys see a lot of heat pumps down here? How important is it for InterNACHI’s live HVAC course to be taught in Weston?

I think those in Florida while being trained should learn about everything they can regardless of area specific. That way they can take their knowledge and work anywhere. Well if not for them then me :slight_smile: I want to learn more and as much as possible :slight_smile:

Therefore I say a great big YES teach us all we can learn and might encounter anywhere we go.

The most prevalent type of HVAC in Central Florida.

I see mostly heat pumps

Not many down here, but should be included.

Yes they should be at the top of the list for Florida.

Hey Greg are you seeing much Geo Thermal down there I have whole housing additions that are all geo thermal

We rarely see them in southeast Florida but they do show up here and there. I believe central and north have them a lot so it would be important to include

Most I see are HP.

Mostly heat pumps in NE Florida . We also have water source heat pumps up here .

Most have HPs in Sarasota.

See HP allot in oceanside/beach condos manufactured by FHP.
Most all single family homes down here do not have 'em on the central air system.

80% of my HVAC systems are heat pump with standard fan/coil air handlers.

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Hi Charlie,

Don’t see many in this area.

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Guess that answers that!

I think I agree with ya :slight_smile:

How much longer…? I want to go through it :slight_smile: