heat stroke plan

I was just scheduling a meeting for the health plan when I realized I need a rider for heat stroke…whattttttttt!!!

The objective is to meet with as many members individually and offer them the standardized Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans 504. 533 or 535 and to offer the reduce rated Allstate products for Life, Accident, Hospital Indemnity and Cancer and Heat Stroke plans. The state requires that he speak to people individually and to get signatures from everyone who enrolls. The members are not required to enroll but must sign a document saying they are passing up the enrollment to alleviate InterNACHI of any obligation.

If you are not going to enrole, can you sign the form via fax or e-mail rather than drive over 3 hours to opt out?

not sure…I think you got to be there…i think they are going to orlando next

didn’t you get an email from http://www.flnachi.org/memberbenefits.html

Yes, I got the email, but I’m way up in North Florida. I don’t really want to drive 2 hours each way to sign a form to NOT get insurance. If I can fax it to them it’s no problem.

arrrrrrrrrrrrrghh. citizens just sent my check back because the wife sent the payment late…they tossed me out…funny thing is, my agent (the one who doesn’t send me any business) says citizens is the only game in town. They have to take me back…