Heated Driveways

I have a question about heated driveways. My sister in law says she thinks she has a heated driveway. She’s been in the house for a number of years and just now found something mounted in the garage that indicates a heated driveway. She wants me to take a look, but before I do I want to be educated on them. I am not familiar with them. What should I be looking for? Can someone direct me to a site that has info? Thank you for your help.

Try this link.


A perfect opportunity to look through your IR Imager…:smiley:

Gerry, thanks for the link. I got the info I needed. If the system is working I may need an IR camera to see if its working properly.

Just curious, what is the heating media? (water/glycol or electric) and any pics of the controller?

False alarm. Apparently a neighbor told her that a past owner installed the system. I did not find any evidence of a heated driveway system in the garage or in the electric panel(breaker).http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/4/4_13_2.gif