Heater in attic, How does it open ? Pics

How does this one open up so you could view the manifold ?

I didnt know how so i didnt do it !!!

I could not even observe the flame.


Just unscrew the little black knob and the whole side comes off:

Mike’s got it…it took a while to figure out my first one, too.

You can usually see the manifold through the louvers.

Nothing is more fun than firing up the gas furnace before you climb into the attic in Phoenix. :twisted:

I have never seen a gas furnace laying on its side. Is this common?


Yep, pretty common in my neck of the woods for sure.

Hi Greg, in some parts of the country it’s real common, many gas furnaces can be installed as up-flow, down-flow, or lateral flow. There have also been some major recalls on these from several manufacturers :shock:

BTW, how you been, long time no chat

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Thanks for the answers.

Learn something new everday.

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