Heavily corroded brass pipes?

Hey guys, can anyone explain what may be going on here with this unique corrosion…Is this condensation forming inside the pipe corroding the top and bottom out, possibly?

This was found in the crawlspace on drain pipes as well as in the attic for the vent.

That’s copper. Corroding through, needs replaced.

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How old is the house?


Copper with heavy corrosion due to a wet crawlspace and a suspicious fungus-like infestation visible on the floor joists.

Josh is right. Needs replacing. It will be leaking soon

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Built in 1980

What? You have no idea if that’s the cause or not.

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That’s copper DWV piping. The sewer gas is likely causing holes in the top of the pipe. I’ve replaced miles if this pipe in Chicago. Recommend evaluation and repair/replacement by a licensed plumbing contractor.