Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson in a CMI shirt.

Oh, wait, that’s not Iron Mike.:wink:

Get your free CMI shirt: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/blue-cmi-shirt.aspx

Looks good but I don’t wear T shirts on an inspection. Then again we hardly ever see the temperatures some of the south are dealing with. Thanks again Nick.

Nick, thank you!

I’ve been trying to get the Large size for a while and it seems to be out of inventory…

Just ordered mine Gilles and no indication out of stalk so try again.

Just ordered mine. Thanks iron Mike.

We have them in stock in all sizes. See here: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/blue-cmi-shirt.aspx

kinda looks like somebody is getting ready to bite an ear off…

lol…looks like Kenton Shephard is taking him up on the bare knuckles boxing match in Denver, in protest for killing innocent bulls…:|.)

Thanks Nick.

I received my free shirt yesterday & it looks great.

Thanks Nick.

Theese look awesome Nick. Just ordered mine and will wear it proudly !!!