Height of element in electric water heater? (TX)

I haven’t been seeing many electric water heaters, but had one yesterday mounted on the 18" stand in the garage. I had to go back to the Texas SOP and see if it was required to be above the garage floor or not.

SOP states that the burner/element must be 18" above the floor. So if the element is high enough in the electric water heater design, then it could sit on the empty garage floor in a pan and not be a deficiency?


The lowest point of ignition must be 18 inches above the floor. If the lowest electrical component is the lower element (usually it is), then the element must be 18 inches above the floor.

There has been much lively debate on this topic in other threads. However, as you have already discovered for Texas inspectors, it is clearly defined in the SOP.

Don’t let any non-TX inspector lead you astray of your SOP requirements.

Sounds like you have interpreted it correctly. Great advice from Chuck too

Thanks for the replies. I’m sure all electric WH’s are different, but in general how high up in the tank is the lowest element. Just want to get an idea if I find one on a 10" or 12" platform.

My advice is to just go by the height of the bottom of the lower element cover.