What is the maximum height before a railing is needed? The porch has a height of 15in. no railing.

In Ontario it is 23 7/8 " it will be interesting to see the difference.

Is that the height before a railing is required? Hmmm


Yes. I know it’s stupid.

Requirement is 30 inches. But that should not stop you from citing it as a potential hazard.


30in before a railing is required, correct? Both gentleman are correct it should still be a safety concern.

I did an inspection a few weeks ago where the stair went up a steep hill. Although the vertical height from any given step to the ground was only 8"-10", If one was to step off the steps onto the hill by accident they would surely take a tumble down the hill.

I recommended a railing for saftey reasons.

** **(b) the adjacent surface within 1.2 m from the walking surface has a slope of more than 1 in 2.