Hello and looking for information on becoming an inspector in Texas

I am new here and wanted to say “Hello!”. I also wanted to get some opinions.

I am thinking about changing careers. I’m currently employed as an Network Administrator for a company I’ve worked at for 14 years. Our company has a new President and there are good odds that my bosses boss and my boss may get fired. On top of that I might get let go at some point. It’s the whole “New President shake up” that happens in a corporate office every time executives change.

Anyway, I’m burnt out in my career and thought about doing something different. I’ve got some building background although not a ton (mostly framing) and have always been interested in housing either from an aesthetic point of view or just a genuine admiration for a well built home.

So, I’m thinking about becoming an inspector through the Texas State course approve by TREC. It’s a 450 hour course then the exam.

I’m wanting to get opinions from maybe some Texas inspectors on the state of the industry as well as anyone that has built a business from the ground up. I would at some point need to replace a 90k a year income. From everything I can tell it’s more than do-able but will take a little time. What are your thoughts on this?

          Thanks and I look forward to becoming a contributing member.


You’re not originally from Texas though, are you?

To be a cowboy in Texas…

You have to start out by saying “Yall” when addressing a group of Texans. You must learn never to say “Hello”, but instead say “Howdy”. This will help your marketing abilities.

An advanced class on how to talk like a Texan will help you as well.

This is going to be a long process to learn how to talk like a Texan, but I will provide some links to help you. If you come to our location talking like a Yankee, you will have a hard time.



The above links are only a fraction of the new language you have learn to be a Texan. You must also take on the attitude, mannerisms and world view of a Texan.

When you pray before meals and at when you go to bed at night, learn to face in the direction of the Alamo. This will help your prayers reach heaven faster.

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If you can survive hog hunting Texas style, then your inner cowboy will begin to shine through (along with all the new words you have been “lernin”.)

Send me a PM and I will help you.


Where are you located. In addition, there is a section on this forum labeled for Texas inspector issues.

Ha… ha… Yes, actually I am. : )

How’s this?

Thank ya’ll much for gettin back to me on this here topic. Yur might kind to reply so quickly.

I live in Ft. Worth right now but am building a house in Keller.

John, I will PM you as soon as I find the PM icon. I may be limited until I post more things. I can’t find the PM option. Not good for an IT guy me thinks…

Paul, I recommend to all who are considering Home Inspection as a career to read this article and take it to heart. Read it a couple of times. Feel free to copy it and referr back to it if you decide to go this route. Best of luck!


if y’all need Phase Inspections done on your new house, gimme a call…we can talk shop as well

it’s called tit-fer-tat learn while i earn ;~))

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PC- if y’all need Phase Inspections or final done on your new shaq, gimme a call…we can talk shop as well

it’s called tit-fer-tat learn while i earn ;~))

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