Hello everyone. I'm InterNACHI's new intern.

*Welcome aboard.!! *
Good to see another woman join the organization !!


Welcome to InterNACHI from the Great White North.:slight_smile:

Hi Katie!
Welcome aboard! :stuck_out_tongue:

You state that you are in school and that you have been Nick’ s “Banker” for the last two years.

for many years ***have been doing inspections ***in Hong Kong.
End Quote:
How long have you been an inspector? Are you a member of any other associations? {ASHI, NAHI, ICC?}

What type of inspections have you been doing over the over the years?
{Commercial, Residential, “Bank Loans” ?}

Once again… Welcome Aboard!:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not what she said. She is crediting InterNachi Inspectors.

InterNACHI inspectors worked for the Olympics last year, and for many years have been doing inspections in Hong Kong.


You are correct… I “misread” the post!:wink:

But Hey… Welcome aboard anyway!:stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I am not an inspector, but I am working on expanding InterNACHI into Beijing…if anyone knows of any contacts that can be helpful (in English or Chinese), please let me know. Thank you for the welcome!

If you need a “Bodyguard” when you travel… count me in! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will definitely ask if the inspectors would like an IR class. Thank you.

欢迎、Katie 和好运与你的努力。