Hello from Jeanine, the other new Graphic Designer


I would like to introduce myself as the other new graphic designer of the Member Marketing Department, along with Andy. My background in design started with a career in landscape architecture where I designed public parks in Colorado. I recently moved back to Boulder after spending a year in New York City, where I assisted in graphic design for marketing and event planning materials for an international design & merchandising company as well as a small local non-profit with an international following. I am excited to join the team!


Welcome Jeanine!

Welcome to you also, Jeanine !!! :smiley:

Hey Nick, how about starting a BIO page for all the staff members? Getting difficult keeping track of everyone! :wink:

Great Idea. We can then put a face to the name and department

Welcome Jeanine!

Hi Jeanine, welcome aboard.

Interesting, you and the other new guy have the same Avatars. :wink: :mrgreen:

Hello Jeanine and welcome aboard!

Welcome Jeanine!