Hello InterNACHI

Hello InterNACHI Members,

My name is Rob Claus and I am the General Manager of Franchise Operations for The BrickKicker. We are a Nationally Franchising company who has been franchising since 1995. I have been crawling through homes and producing home inspection reports since 1988. We are offering ourselves here to answer any questions you might have about anything related to home inspections.

If along the way you have any questions about franchising, buying a franchise, or converting your existing business to a franchise I can help with that as well.

In addition to franchising we also operate a home inspection firm with 17 inspectors in the field everyday. This might offer you a unique perspective on inspector logistics and business operations.

The BrickKicker is proud to be associated with InterNACHI. We feel InterNACHI provides the most comprehensive member support and training anywhere.

Are you any relation to Santa Claus?



Possibly Disclaimer Claus(e)??