Would like to introduce myself My Name is Jim Kroupa, I moved to Palm Coast Florida 10 months ago from good old Chicago,I use to do Full Kitchen & Bathroom, Basement Remodeling for 15 years, miss that a lot, loving it out here so far, have to get use to Flordia’s heat wave though -=))), people out in my area are so friendly

Will be starting out my home Inspection out of Palm Coast,Fl area

any tips on who to use for website designing, i have some skills on website using dreamweaver and uploading and making changes, but never built 1 from scratch

any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

Jim Kroupa
Glad to be part of a Internachi

Almost forgot about software any one have a preference on good software, I’ve been talking with another inspector, great guy Casey Thurmond so helpful, he uses home gauge, seems to be easy to work with,
I know there’s others ones out there, palm tech, homeinspectorpro, reporthost and others I can’t remember,
I don’t Like leasing, if I buy I wanna own it,

Welcome Jim
HIP for my reports and website.

Same here except I use Report Host while I’m trying HIP.

Check out my website which is a Wordpress site.

There are a couple of good site builders who show up here.

Welcome aboard Jim. I used RH for awhile and saved a ton of time after switching to HIP mobile. You can try them all (or most of them) for free.

Ian Robertson is a hard working, talented guy for websites & SEO.
Also a member/inspector.
Good luck to you.


Welcome Jim.

Welcome Jim, give HomeGauge a try www.homegauge.com

Thx gents

Hi Jim. Ben has a great tutorial on building a website on the cheap. I also use Home Inspector Pro for my reports and website. I don’t have a direct link to the tutorials but I found them in a threat called “what am I doing wrong?” Here on the message board. Hope it helps.

Welcome aboard Jim

Welcome Jim.

HIP for both Report and website.