Help Bring Maria Home

Every now and then, Nick and Ben let me out of the studio and I get to produce videos for some great causes. We just launched a GoFundMe page to help my brother and sister in-law with their adoption of Maria from Columbia! There is a link below to the video I produced to help with this.

This is Maria’s last chance. She turns 16 soon and will age out of the system. It would really help us out if you could repost the links to your social media pages to get the word out. Any gift is greatly appreciated and every bit helps us to reach our goal to bring Maria home to Colorado.

Thanks, everyone!

Please click here:

Marshall Bugtorf
InterNACHI Video Production Manager

Hey Marshall,

I took a quick look and could not tell, do you know if they accept PayPal? Thanks in advance, hope all is well.

I just checked with GoFundMe and they no longer except PayPal. Just debit or credit cards. Thanks for asking, Meeker! I hope to see you at the Inspection Universe in Orlando.

Not unless I can hit it while passing through. I got a good part time consulting gig going on from about that area North.

A big thank you to the InterNACHI family! We raised $420 in the first 24 hours with 100% of the that coming from either InterNACHI staff or members! My wife was bragging last night on how awesome you all are. Thank you so much!