Help Choosing H.I. Software

Hello everyone - I have been a Homegauge user for over 2 years, overall happy but a few things really frustrate the heck out of me. Lack of clean and quick integration of the 4point/wind mit forms is one of my biggest gripes.

Anyone recommend any software they have experience using? Couple of people told me they like 3D…

Home inspector pro is the best.

I prefer 3D…free wind mit and 4 point already for the taking on their website

I’m curious. Define clean and quick integration of 4point/wind mit forms. What are you looking for a software to do?

I use custom pdfs with Adobe and qpdf(android). No other system has been able to duplicate the four point very well.

We have been doing 4 pt/Wind Mitigation for years…It creates an exact replica of the Wind Mitigation plus a nice photo addendum…if you are a FABI member also…you may want to talk to Joey C. …past president of FABI for many years. I have the same question as to what you mean by quick integration…we create the report as an RTF/Word document so you can spruce it any way you want even in Word.

I beg to differ. You may want to check out our Wind Mitigation sample report on our website.

Easy Mit and Easy 4 Point apps on phone/tablet are pretty good.

Trust me, you are incorrect.
In the amount of time it takes me to take the pictures, the report is done. 4-point and wind mit. You just have to know how to set up the software. :wink:

I appreciate everyone’s feedback.

What I mean by “Lack of clean and quick integration of the 4point/wind mit forms” is that I dont have the option of having a cover page and summary page through homegauge and the “report attachments page” (i.e. wind mitigation, 4 point , roof certification, etc.) in the full home inspection report are hard to find when the customer views the report. Additionally, inserting pictures is a real pain, only options available are choosing # of pic pages, which are 1 - 4 pages of pictures available. On rare occasions when I inspect a home w/ shutters it requires me to input more than 4 picture pages (more than 24 pics). This becomes a real pain, especially if you dont have the full featured Adobe Writer program that is very expensive and I have no other use for.

To use a pdf custom form you do not need Adobe Acrobat, you just need the free reader. You would then have to pay someone to make a custom form and would not be able to edit it yourself. You would also be able to do it on a tablet and get the owner’s signature. There are several options for custom forms. Some people use software as mentioned above also and come to mind.

There is also several apps you can use. A good MS Word template would do pretty good also.

Our software does all that…plus the photos are automatically inserted into a photo addendum with captions automatically added from your comments. Take a look at our sample report. A summary report can be created from it also if you want one. We create a Word document from the software so there is no Adobe needed and you are completely free to do whatever changes you want to the report after it is exported to Word.