Help finding inspector for PWF. West Michigan

I am buying a home built in 1996 with

  • full basement
  • permanent wood foundation
  • very well drain sand build site

I’ve inspected what I could along the walls inside the basement (much of it is finished) and everything was dry, no visible rot to exterior sheathing or any of the visible framing.

I’ve confirmed there is a vapor barrier along the exterior just above grade. The vapor barrier has a treated plywood cap on it to protect, although it is a bit warped with could accept rain water into the cap but likely mostly outside the vapor barrier.

Does anyone know of an inspector near Montague, MI who would be available over the next 10 days?

Hopefully Larry Kage will see this and chime in!

Michael Roberson may still be in business out of Scottville. Home (231) 7fiveseven 9sevenoneseven Cell (231) sixnine0 seven8eightfour. Otherwise, I’m not familiar with any of these: Your Find An Inspector Results From InspectorSeek

Mr. Wagstaff, I just spoke to Mike and I hear that you two connected.

Best regards,

Larry thank you so much for the recommendation!

I just called him back and left him a message in an attempt to schedule an inspection.

Glad to help.