Help finding IR inspector

I need to hire an inspector with an IR camera for zip code 17201. I called the first guy on NACHI’s inspector finder for that zip code, and he had no idea what I was even talking about. I can’t seem to find a list of just the guys with IR equipment, which would be most helpful.


I would call Joe Hagerty for anything related to ANY type of inspection needed in PA.

Joseph P. Hagarty
Main Line Inspections, Inc.
Phone: 610-399-3675

National President / NACHI (2003-2004)
NACHI Education Committee Member

I could do that, but he’s been generally unpleasant to me on this forum. Plus, he’s pretty far away from that zip code.

To put it plainly, is there a list of just the IR people someplace?

Marc, you can use InspectorLocator.comand select the ancillary services and zip code you want to search for. No inspectors indicate they offer IR in 17201.

Not that I know of…call John McKenna than…!

J[size=2]ohn McKenna, CMI
CMI President
Inspector & Trainer (TREC #4565)
FLIR (ITC) Certified Thermographer (#33493)
American Home Inspection - East Texas.[/size]

You might also check here:

John used to have a list of thermographers on his website - but noticed recently that it’s no longer there.

Might want to search here - -

I’m not too far from PA. What do you need a Thermographer for?


Kevin, I actually got your name from a local NACHI inspector yesterday. After I run down a clue or two on my own, I am going to give you a call. My complaint is “musty odor”, which I believe to be due to moisture intrusion from an unknown source. Mold remediation was done in past years at this address at substantial cost, and here we are again.

Give me a call :slight_smile:

If I can help in any way, I will!


I will be traveling through Pittsburg area early August and my camera should be here sometime within the next few days. Should I bring it with me. I am visiting parents in Buffalo for 5 or 6 days. Mom is going to be 80 so family and I are planning on being there for the celebration.