help for a newbie in North ID/Eastern WA

So I had gotten my license in IL but had only gotten my feet wet by doing some free inspections for people I knew. We have now relocated to Post Falls, ID and I am thinking about home inspection here. I am a little nervous and don’t really know how to begin. I am worried that the market can’t support another inspector. I’m just nervous.

Any ideas as how to get started? I don’t have a full time job yet so I can really dedicate some time.


Larry you live in a town of 17,000. You will have to market all day every day for quite a while. Expand your territory to nearby cities, keep your inspection fee *very fair. *develop a coupon, get a web site. Read the forums. Good luck. :cool:

You have started on the right path by stopping in here and learning from some of the best in the country…
read the marketing section for ideas and ask lots of questions, get your brodhures out to the realestate people and banks, doctors office the dentist lawyers anywhere there is a waiting room put something to read, even home buyers get sick need teeth fixed and there cars looked at.
The speedy oil exchange is another place, sounds stupid but when there there for 10 mins your brochure could be the only thing they browse and toss in the car on the way out and pass it off to a buddy that is buying.
chat with everyone and hand out business cards to anything that moves, thats what i am doing to get my name out for starters and I have some stiff competition in my town, several are NACHI members and that is a blessing as well as they all are around the same price so I set my prices along there lines.
beat the path and let us know how it’s going
best to ya

First of all check this out:

Market, Market, Market, oh and don’t forget to market.

Other than that:
It takes time
I am sorry did I mention marketing?
Good luck’

Larry, Glad to see you finally made it,

There’s a NACHI Chaper Meeting at the IHOP on 4th Street in Coeur d’Alene on June 20 at 11:30, drop Russell Spriggs an email, he’s the local NACHI Chapter President or contact me if you like, welcome to PAradise.

Erol, you need to check your map, Post Falls is 6 miles from Coeur d"Alene, pop. approx. 50,000, the County I beleive is somewhere around 200,000 now, 6 miles or so to the West lies Washington and Spokane County with a population of around 300,000. not as small of a Market as it seems, but there are probably around 100 Home Inspectors in North Idaho and Eastern Washington now, I don’t know how many are really active though.

There was an article in the local paper not to long ago, Coeur d’Alene and Kootenai County have been named Baby Boomer Paridise by one of the big national magazines, I’m a 4th generation Native, there are way too many people moving here, but I really can’t blame them. The market has slowed though, although new home sales are up, existing are down, there are presently around 4000 home listed on the MLS in the county, two years ago they couldn’t keep 2000 on the list.

You have taken the first and best step by being on this site. I am learning a lot from all of the guys and gals here. There is so much information on the NACHI web site that sometimes I get overwhelmed. I really like these people. Next step is to join NACHI. It will be the best $289 you ever spent. I am a newbie my self but I already feel that I am a part of the NACHI family.


Thanks for the invite. looks like I should be able to make it.


Larry, give me a holler.
Contact me thru my site,