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Was wondering if there is a set type of procedure that inspectors use to do inspections. For example, What is the order of areas if any to start on and procede from. Any help from anyone is greatly appreciated.

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Develop you own. I typically start on the exterior, move to the garage, then don my ‘indoor shoes’. From there, i go kitchen, 1st floor rooms, 2nd floor rooms, attic and basement. Crawl if applicable, would be last. Testing all plumbing as you go will best allow you to see any hidden leaks when you finish in the lowest section of that home.

The order isn’t written in stone for me, but this is the usual order i follow. I would imagine different areas of the country would influence your order to a point, as well.

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I also start with the exterior, then go to the garage, then the attic, then to the top floor and work my way down, then the electrical panel, water heater etc…I usually do the outside a/c last…I check the A/H when I’m in the house…Just use what ever is best for you…after a while you get set in your ways…and you can get done faster…

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I try and get to the house a 1/2 hour earlier than scheduled just to be on the safe side. I start with the exterior and do a preliminary of the roof. My personal preference is not to climb onto the roof until I know what the structural support of the roof design is.

Then I go inside and start by starting up the dishwasher 1st. That will take up to 90 minutes for it to through an entire cycle. Then it’s off to the garage to do that area.

Then back inside to do each floor level starting with the kitchen. Let the layout of the house guide you as to how to inspect it.

The last three areas that get inspected are the attic, the crawlspace, and the roof. The crawlspace is usually the last thing that’s done from the interior of the house on the inspection since even with a disposable overalls, respirator, etc., I will most likely get dirty.

Then a walk on the roof and a final summary with the client.

Whenever your client shows up, STOP, introduce yourself, get the contract signed and a check written out. Then go back to the inspection.


Welcome to NACHI…nice business name.:wink:

Getting involved with NACHI was a good first move. The info you can pick up from the boards is great and is worth the membership fee alone.

Typically I start with the exterior, roof, then move inside and work my way around the house. If possible, from the kitchen area I will work my way to the left until every room has been inspected. With that complete I move to the basement/crawl and then the attic.

Having a routine, doesn’t matter what it is, helps you to avoid missing anything and will save time as well.

Again, welcome to NACHI.:smiley: