HELP! HG stops when browsing for photos

I think you are right. One thing I do not like about Windows 10 is that it will upgrade drivers that will block out some peripherals and hardware “they don’t like”. I had a problem with it replacing a driver for the Serial to USB adaptor cable I use for my radon monitor (sun nuclear 1027). I did find a program that would block Windows 10 from installing a newer driver for it. (seams they did not like the knock-off (Chinese) cables that could use the “Gigabite” driver.)…but that is another subject…

Question Jeffrey? Did the work around you described fix the problem or do you have to go back and change the file in HG each time?


I passed the info on to our main Developer and his comments were:
This is usually a conflict with another piece of software and a combination of dealing with the Windows network and sometimes a virus. We recommend try 1) running a virus scan 2) run sfc /scannow at the command line 3) trying another antivirus such as the MS windows built in one.

If you have any more info I will pass it along as well.

Larry, yes. It appears I need to edit the settings.xml file each time I need to write a new report.

Russell- thank you for running this issue past the developer. I have tried what he suggested, but without resolution (multiple virus scans, disabling my anti-virus, running system file checker). I just send a bug report yesterday. I hope this helps.

I am wondering if you have the time to call in and perhaps ask for Kristin to start this troubleshooting. It may or may not get resolved the first call. But, there is no reason to make you just accept as is. There is a specific issue with your computer etc. or we would have more people with this issue. If you can, please call in ask for Kristen and start the process. We will figure it out.