Help identifying an unknown system

Hello all, I’m hoping to get help identifying a system I encountered at an inspection that I absolutely had no idea what it was. So this house was built in 1971 and there were concrete boxes that resembled planters at the back of the home at both corners of the yard but upon further investigation there was a plywood cover. When I removed the cover there was a box like hole that a had a pipe that ran underneath presumably from both concrete “boxes”. In the middle of these “boxes” there was what appeared to be a well head that was no longer in service. At one of the concrete “boxes” there was a metal pipe Protruding from the ground that had a cap on it. Does any one have any idea what it might be?

More than likely an abandoned well cistern.



Thank you!

What part of the country are you in?

New Mexico.

Pictures # 5 & 6 look like a buried oil tank fill pipe. Not sure about the need for an oil tank in New Mexico though.

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Well, if you cannot definitively determine what it is, you could give your client some direction. Such as components resemble an old well or cistern system but unable to verify due age, concealed components or missing components. Recommend further eval from there.

But if you do figure it out, tell us about it! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the assistance. I will be sure to do that. I also thought it was a fill tank for oil. I’m not sure!