Help Identifying this

Home built in 1954 main service panel in garage, found this in attic with some connections still live.

Looks like a low voltage lighting panel

Yep low voltage system

The pink wire nuts are pretty

Did the house have push button light switches? If so this is the control.

Those look like relays.

Id recommend a pro take a look at that since it doesn’t look right to me in terms of how its wired.

What looks wrong with it?

J box covers missing, not sure how the whites terminate under the tap… The whole set up looks far from professional. IMO its a mess.

Realtor had an electrician check it out and he said it was a low voltage phone system, don’t think I’ve ever seen a phone system like that. It did have pushbutton light switches. I recommended the have it looked at and possibly cleaned up and junction boxes covered.

The realtor needs a new electrician, a phone system? When has a phone system ever used equipment or connections like that. :roll:

Sure it “looks” messy but low voltage is just that LOW VOLTAGE.

Don’t expect these low voltage control systems to be all neat and pretty.

Seldom happens.

Other than the missing junction box cover I see nothing to get excited about.

And it IS NOT a phone system.

Good luck finding an electrician to service this.

Old tech and it wasn’t that common at the time though you can still buy the relays for it.