Help! I'm trying to figure out where to run ads to promote members.

I’m trying to find magazines that would likely be read by consumers building new homes or having remodeling projects done.

I want to run ads in them.

What magazines would you suggest?

This Old House.

Family Handyman Magazine

Woodworker’s Journal

Consumer Reports

Ditto on what Joe said. :slight_smile:


Consumer Reports
Great magazine but does not have any advertising and will not allow you to quote there findings .

… Cookie

how about a better search on this site, If I were a consumer I would not want to scroll thru all inspectors in a state to try and find one that was close to me.

Here are two more well known magazines…

Journal of Light Construction

Smart Homeowner

Readers Digest - TV Guide.

Information adds in airline mags - do not know the cost but maybe they need informational articles

Look at their stated circulation numbers


Realtor add mags

As a matter of note I have received 000000 business from these adds


I agree with you on the REALTOR magazines… worthless. Before we announced one of our sites (I can’t remember which one) I ran an ad in a major REALTOR magazine and the site didn’t get a hit.

I like the other suggestions though, and maybe a few of those house plan mags.

DIY Network

Fine Home Building

Building Design & Construction Magazine

Dream Home Source House Plans
Fine Home Building
House Plan Gallery
Custom Home Online

Home Building Guide Cool House

Better Homes and Gardens
Southern Living
Southern Living Home Plans
House Beautifil
InStyle Home

These are the ones my wife gets. They have something to do with homes and most of my clients that call for an inspection, it is the female that calls and makes the decision.