Help in CT completing supervised inspections

I’m taking the course for CT to get licensed. As I get closer to competing the Pre-licensing course I’m gathering that the hardest part of this will be the 10 ride along and 90 indirectly supervised inspections. Can anyone offer advice or help?

Raymond, I’d apply for a job at one of the several large, multi-inspector companies in Connecticut. If hired, you can get the 10 inspections done as “tags” in a week without paying some crook referred by a school thousands for this requirement, and the 90 will be out of the way in no time. The 10 and the 90 are obviously a restraint of trade preposterously enacted under the guise of consumer protection, but you can’t fight city hall. What you shouldn’t have to do is be cheated out of you hard-earned money. Good luck and don’t be afraid to go to local inspector meetings as a visitor, where you just might meet someone willing to help a newcomer.

Thank you for that advice. It definitely something worth considering and right now seems like the most effective way of getting those out of the way. Thanks again!

Raymond, one last thought. Stay positive and run, don’t walk when you encounter naysayers.