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I have been a home inspector in Northern Illinois for over 5 years I have had consistent problems with penetrating the market in my area. I visit realtor’s on a weekly basis send out emails with different specials and information regarding home inspections and home maintenance, I have also revamp my website three times to try to improve my web pages, (attach a link for your review),[FONT=Calibri] I have professional brochures and business cards I pass out at all the realtor’s offices and like everybody in that industry they just seem to sit on the counter. They are not a very effective marketing tool.[/FONT]
I have ran several successful construction businesses in the past 30 years and have not had any problems penetrating the market I am very familiar with running businesses however this market has been a great stumbling block for me and I can’t figure out why.
I am lucky to get one home inspection a month. Is there anyone that can assist me and evaluate what I am doing wrong.
PS; I am open for any and all criticism!
Thank you,

Call me :slight_smile:

I’m sure Juan will be a wealth of knowledge I would take him up on his offer. Fyi. I did a couple of key word searches for you and your website doesn’t show up. Your website needs some SEO help so that consumers searching for a home inspector can find your site. It’s sort of like fishing without bait.

Just one thing I noticed. Replace the family picture with a picture of you doing something. To me, the family picture translates to desperate. Same with free walk through. IMHO

You’ve spelt throughout incorrectly on your little slide show… Have you tried google Adwords express as a marketing tool?

Thanks for all of our help guys !! Juan I will take you up on that phone call
Thanks once again everyone!

And you spelled spelt wrong. Spelt is a wheat flour. :smiley:

That’s how we spell it in England, apologies for making such an atrocious Atlantic crossing error, I’ll have to read my dictionary again. I was trying to help the guy out, not be a smart arse or is it ***?

Sorry, your location says Ohio. Look, you got arse past the censor. :smiley:

I agree it was 3 and 4 pages back

Your name of your business says it all. Realtors are not going to like that. If you change the name to Minimal Disclosure Home Inspections, you’ll likely gain more business from referrals - at least from REA’s :smiley:

Thanks Frank…I wasn’t going to say anything about that, because I value everyone’s opinion.

I’d rethink your business name.

Delete all those stock photos. Replace with very specific reasons to choose you over your competitors.

[quote=“thinks, post:1, topic:90420”]

I am lucky to get one home inspection a month.


The last page of your website says you do 2 Inspections a day, one at 10 and the other at 2?
Also says you have other inspectors? Hard to pay an Inspector, doing 1 a month.

So which is it?

Falsifying information/dishonesty is one way to lose business/trust.

There is a thread (started today in the same forum) for you here: