Help in understanding Thermal Imaging Addendum

Need help in understanding what to fill in on the Thermal Imaging Addendum to Inspection Contract, starting with the paragraph: 1. CLIENT requests and authorizes … for the following purposes: ___________________________________. What is usually filled in “for the following purposes: ???”

Thanks in advance for your help

Another Proposal, its best not to add to the previous…If you would like a copy for a professional Thermal Imaging Proposal please email me, I would be happy to help you.

You have e-mail.

It’s one of the most important blank lines in the contract. You don’t want to just offer “IR services.” That puts no boundaries on the service. A client could later argue that you had a duty to uncover every issue discoverable with an IR camera.

Instead, find out what the client is interested in when you offer the service. Maybe it’s energy loss. Maybe it’s to identify roof leaks. Then put that in the addendum where it says “…for the following purposes:” *to help identify possible roof leaks.

*Now if, in the course of your IR inspection, you discover missing insulation for example… great. You provided more than you were contractually obligated to. has one for commercial properties as well.

The proposal I emailed him Nick he can specifically state what is being inspected and what is not, the only item he should be putting in the proposal is EXACTLY what he is searching/looking/detecting/an/or/trying to find for his, his/her client…:wink:

Yep. Otherwise the Scope of Work is undefined and without boundary.

Funny how that little blank can be awfully difficult to fill in if you don’t know what you are doing. If you don’t know what goes there, you can bet your client doesn’t know what goes there and will be working from an entirely different set of assumptions than you are - a recipe for client dissatisfaction with your service and potential liability for you. IR services will differ significantly by region (e.g., there is no point in me looking for conditions conducive to ice dams or checking radiant floor heating where I’m located).

Infrared services are not covered by the Home Inspection SOP. The HI SOP doesn’t provide a pre-defined IR service box for you to work within like it does for the home inspection. You need to define the services you provide, how you provide them, under what conditions you can/can’t perform them and how you will report them. There are standards that exist for various types of IR services which might be appropriate to do in conjunction with your home inspection. It would be wise to be familiar with and apply known standards to your IR services.

So exactly what IR services are you providing when you do a home inspection?