Help is needed quickly to describe a couple of deficiencies

100% agree

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Just did it on my phone while making dinner. No issues except the grill ran out of propane and had to change out the tank while filling it out. LOL


Fun. Done!

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Thanks a lot for all your feedback. You are greatly appreciated, and this was exactly what was needed.

We had 31 responses. Responses ranged from a 2-word recommendation to a 4-sentence description that included the observation, risks, and recommendations.

As promised, one luck respondent was selected to win a $250 credit to the InterNACHI Inspector Outlet store and the winner is Michael Sedillo of Michael Sedillo Property Inspections from Capistrano Beach, CA. Congratulations!!

Make it a great week.

Lee Eckroth
Majordomo co-founder/CEO

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Congrats, Michael! Lee, do you get to post the winning narratives? :slight_smile:

…what was the criteria for the drawing? Random or best narrative?

Not to sure, I assume they chose what they felt was best for the project they’re working on. Describe the defect exactly as you would on an inspection. 4 photos to write defects on.

Apparently, many others ASSUMED something else!

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Haha! Detailed report!

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Good evening. We did not have any winning narratives. We really wanted to get some feedback on the different ways the same defects might be described and the recommendations associated with those. Thanks!

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Good evening. Drawing was 100% random. We were not judging the responses. All described that teh items had defects. We were simply reviewing narratives.

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Right on, hope it helped with your project! :slight_smile: