Help Me recieve a $10,000 Business Grant

Hey everyone, All Out Home Inspection has been entered into the ADP Grant for Canadian small businesses. Help me with this and vote for me each day and I could win a $10,000 grant to invest in my business.

Let’s take the power and size of InterNACHI to help one of your own. Just think of the marketing that could be done with a grant of this size. The knowledge of the marketing tour would not be wasted.

It Only takes a second to vote.

Thanks everyone

Click on the Link and Click Vote.

That is all it takes.

Thank you.

Here is what happened when I tried to vote for you Timothy.

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I would join the contest myself. It looks awesome. They are giving away six $10,000 dollar prizes.

But I am hesitant to ask my supporters to give up their phone numbers and emails in order to vote, then return and vote daily.

I do wish you the best of luck. You might consider using, facebook, google plus and other social media to really stir things up, but I bet most folks just don’t want to give up their cell numbers.

Keep your fingers crossed. Best wishes.