Help me with this puzzling problem at a home inspection:

Here is the question: A home inspector is inspecting a fairly new home that has four metal window wells for emergency egress. Three of the four look as if they are new. The fourth is very rusted. They were all installed at the same time during construction. The grading near the corroded window well looks fine and it is not near a downspout discharge. The fasteners are all the same for every window well. No window well is touching a buck. It is a poured concrete foundation. What could be the cause?

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This is great.

Very good possibility, this could simply be how it was stored before installation during construction. Example others dissimilar metals in contact or chemicals accidentally making contact during construction. Some sites are not well organized and things get stacked up to conserve space or things get splashed.

What are the window wells constructed of? and proximity to?

*Galvanic corrosion* occurs when two dissimilar metals are immersed in a conductive solution and are electrically connected.

Manufacturing defect.