Help - measuring multi-level roof for wind mit

Okay gents and ladies, I need your input. Wind mitigations - home with multiple levels on roof (hip and gabled). Do I measure all roof edges upper and lower? In the InterNACHI training, a picture shows measuring a gabled area with back to back gables (one in below the next) as one measurement (both not counted). The question I have is when I have hipped lower level and a hipped upper level, does the upper level count into the overall roof permeter? I’ve tried to attch a photo of the home I’m discussing, hopefully it shows up. The area in question is the bottom permeter and the upper roof over the garage. Thanks!

Yes it should be counted

I would say that it is a hip

Thanks Greg. I just changed and didn’t include it based on review of the InterNACHIs training. Did you take a look at their pic under measuring?

Is anyone aware of a defenitive location for wind mit training, clarification? We go by what we read/are taught in HI schools and from the InterNACHI training. The Wind Mit form used by and large in Florida is the Citizens Insurance or similar form. I’m unaware of any guidance Citizens provides on performing the wind mit for for clarification.

Yes if the roof attic cavity under the high hip is opened to the lower-main roof area or it opens the residence to internal windd pressure/damage.

You’re on the right track however it seems that you shorted yourself a bit by not counting ALL of the side jogs in the hip sections…those count too. You can add the overhangs for hip sections but just measure the wall length for the gable sections. Also label the roof sketch with the dimensions and show your calculations.

Added: Yes, they do count, to your question about the green lines of the upper hip section. John S will probably tell you different, but I always included ALL the roof lines in my calculations, whether non-hip or hip, and structurally connected.

I can’t figure out how you guys make decent money on wid mits.
I had a guys call me today with a 3 year old home wanting a wid mit.
I asked why do you want this ?
So ! I can save on insurance . Do you live there now … No I’m gonna buy it.
Remember I’m near Gainesville Fl. … Sir you don’t need a wind mit you need a full home inspection . Your home was built under the required regs.
Submit my comprehensive inspection to your insurance company and that is all you need .
I’ll note in this report all roof to wall and any other items that will help you get the discount.
Booked it !
Next Monday at 3.

Am I incorrect ?

Yes, you are not correct.

A full Home Inspection WILL DO NOTHING for insurance discounts.

No common sense is uses by any insurance companies.


Uniform Mitigation VERIFICATION form.

There is no reason the insurance company will give any discounts without VERIFICATION.

Any Home Owner can change anything at ANY time. How something is supposed to be built DOES NOT MATTER.


Ever if they are built under the current code ?

I do wind mits on FBC homes all the time. There is a discount built in with a FBC house, but those discounts don’t include Opening Protection, SWR, and Roof Shape.

Yep. You NEVER know what anyone has done to the property.

If you were the insurer would you just accept something because how it was supposed to be built?

What if they changed out all the UGLY Hurricane Proof solid doors for PRETTY fancy glass ones???

Doesn’t the insurer accept a valid roof permit for the roof covering credit? I would say that they DO accept something the way it is supposed to be built, if permitted.

In Gainesville, openings are not required to be protected. But if they are, you get credit for it.

Most do, but they only have to accept the 1802

Correct about counting all of the roof lines.

I would count only the perimeter as the perimeter and ALL “other” roof shapes as the numerator in the calculations.

Hope that helps

Thanks everyone, excellent input. I have to say the only reason I’ve brought up the question was after reviewing the wind mit training and photos on the measuring. I’ll suggest to InterNACHI that they take a look at the photos and perhaps include a home like the one I provided so they can provide clearer guidance. Really everyone’s input makes sense and I’m in agreement. The customer is happy and waiting my input for a revision if I found other info to change the report. He’s a pastor and very kind at that. Have a great day!

My insurance co did.
The said they didn’t need a win mot or any other inspection because of the age.

Keep in mind that a wind mit is not required for any insurance policy. It may however provide additional discounts even for a FBC built home. The agents may not be knowledgeable enough to let the insured know about it.

Keep in mind that some companies may allow a hip roof discount from pictures only.

If they have FBC, from year built and the roof shape based on images then a wind mit may be useless. It maybe be useless if they have “maxed the credits”
Glazed only credit should be given in many areas just by the year built, even though there is a workaround for NOT installing shutters.

All insurance underwriting may handle it differently.

Care to share the workaround for homes inside a WBDR?