Help my wifes school win $500,000 and You could win an ipad

My wifes teaches at Summit Christian Academy and my daughter is a recent graduate. Kohls is giving $500.000.00 to the top 20 schools. We are currently in 25th place. Please take a few minutes to vote. Go to One ipad is won per week. We have till Friday
God Bless and Thank You :smiley:

Mark Van Zandt
Falcons Home Inspection
Yorktown VA

Voted!! good luck

I attempted to vote, but…

I hate when that happens!!!

I am already running IE8 !!!

Anybody else having issues ? This also happens to me on Google Adwords. Don’t understand why.

“Anybody? Beuller? Anybody” ???

BTW… please don’t waste your breath telling me to switch to FF. Been there, done that, a long time ago, and won’t return. Hated it!

But FF is so much better than IE :slight_smile:

Okay, okay. Switch to Google Chrome.

Funny, cause I think that is the only reason I have the issue with Adwords. Nowhere else with Google, just Adwords. Google wants me to switch!!!

Still, not enough reason to switch… yet!!!


Thank You for those who have voted. The competition is getting stiff and we are falling behind. So could use your help.

Placed my five votes. – good luck