Help on Capacity of Goodman

I need help determining the capacity of Goodman system.

Mod# CPLE30-1C
Ser# 0506029988

Mod# ARYF030-00A-1A
Ser# 0411610952

I know they are 2 and 3 years old, but cannot figure out how to determine the capacity. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


based on the 30 in the model #'s, i’d say the ac is 2.5 ton.
no clue on the furnace.

Heat pump? If so, a heat pump is not sized accordingly on the Heat side, only the cooling mode. Different than a standard central air and electric resistance system. The Aux/Emergency data for heating can be found inside the cabinet usually on the data tag or inside on the heat strip panel cover (usually a paper tag with capacity in Kwatts)

Chris is correct, when looking at AC model numbers look for a number divisable by 6 or 12 eg:

  • 12 = 1 ton
  • 18 = 1.5 ton
  • 24 = 2 ton
  • 30 = 2.5 ton
  • 36 = 3 ton


Thanks Guys,

I’m still waiting for my decoder ring in the mail.:stuck_out_tongue: