Help on Heil Furnace age

Pretty old system with hard to read label, I hope this is correct…

Heil Model XG80 LF-1B, Serial B83320353

Thanks for trying!

Hi Jimmy,

that model # doesn’t feature in Prestons but if the XG80 LF-1B is actually VG80 LF then it appears to be 1972-1976

I hope this helps


Thanks so much. That appears to be exactly what I’m looking for!

That’s a February 1983 unit.

After reading Gerry’s post, I thought, “I wonder why that’s not in Preston’s.” Then I remembered: Preston’s.

Yep, 1983 it is.

Yeah, that was dumb of me to rely on Prestons and not look at the serial #, sorry Jimmy.

Thanks Russel and Dave