Help online vote - my Philippines trip

Please help online vote - my Philippines trip

As important as inspections are in my life, there’s something else that’s just as important, maybe even more so. In 2009 I was able to spend three weeks volunteering at two different childrens homes, helping out however I could.

I’m hoping to return to the Philippines later this year, to volunteer for a couple of weeks at an orphanage and a clinic near Manila. I’ve entered an online contest at my bank, and if my story wins, it would pay for the trip plus money for supplies to donate to the orphanage and clinic. Whoever gets the most votes wins the contest.

Will you go online to and vote for my story? It’s called “Philippines children.”

If you think this is a good idea, a worthy cause, then please pass this info on to your friends and family. Looks like there’s one vote per e-mail address per day, so you could go back tomorrow and vote again.


  • James Eubank

PS - If I have posted this in the wrong section of the message board, I’ll be glad to move it. I wasn’t sure where the message should be posted.

Voted… and posted on my Facebook page.

Good Luck!

Thanks, Jeffrey!

Me too…

For those who don’t want to search for the story, here is a link to it alone…

James, I copied your post to my facebook status. Copying message board posts to other locations without permission is a violation of the message board rules. I assume I would have your permission to do so, if not I will remove it immediately.

Thanks, Mark! And yes of course you have permission to copy the post over to facebook. I want plenty of people to see what I’m up to, and I appreciate your support.

I just clicked on your link and for some reason it didn’t take me to the story. It looks like this link works the best:

  • James