Help please Lincoln Oil ??? age output?

Hello, Im having problems with age and output ratings on a Lincoln oil forced air furnace

Model: LSWV

It has a AFG series oil burner made by beckett

Cheers and thanks in advance for anyone’s help


Mark, We will need the serial number for what you are seeking.

If you don’t have a serial number perhaps a nozzle size
there may be a number on the burner

On the burner it says:

Model AFG
Serial: 981209-54068
(this is on one sticker Left side of burner)

(on the other sticker just to the Right)

LB 2101A

I can not find to much info for you
My guess it would be between 85.000 Btu to 140.000 Btu depending on the nozzle size
If i remember right these burners had 160 psi oil pumps on them
Date looks like 1998

Its a tough one.
I think ill make a call to Lincoln tomorrow.

Also got a heat pump problem want to take a crack at it:)

Grimsby Stove and Furnace ltd.
model : QH 824-1C
Serial 28203 138409

RLA 10.2/11.5
LRA 57/57

2 ton

I think the tonnage is right but its very old and I think its production date is 1984. Making it 25 years old.

Thanks Wayne.
I called the manufacutre and it has a F3 nozzle which gives 0.75-1.25 min / max
So 140000 x 0.75 = 105000 btu min
Should I report the lowest btu input range as its heating capacity?

your right 82

Mark i give it that range because that make of burner does run with a higher Pressure 0.75 would be more like 0.95 IMO