Help test NACHI online education system

Hello everyone,

We’re going to be running a second test of NACHI’s new online interactive classroom tonight at 8 PM (EST). We’re hoping to be able to test the system with over 20 people, so if you have 15-20 minutes to spare at 8, I’d really appreciate your participation.

Join Us @ 8 PM EST: BETA TEST IS OVER[size=4][

The system involves streaming audio, so speakers or headphones will be necessary. We’ve developed this program so that it should work with both broadband and dial-up. We would love to have a few dial-up users join us for the test.

Afterwards, any feedback you can post here would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance to all who help out.


I take it that’s 7 PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME?

Good point, Lewis. Yes–8 PM EST (we’ll post the link around 7 PM EST).

I will look forward to it.

I will try to be here between 7 & 8pm.

I am on dial-up and have not cleaned my hard drive in a long time… It slows down my computer a lot.

Feb 15, 2007, 8pm EST… the beginning of the end of classrooms wordwide.

Count me in as long as I dont have to put out a fire. Is this going to be a texas holdem test?

Heh, Todd–lucky for you there will be no Texas Hold 'Em tonight. It’ll most likely be some Web design for home inspectors stuff.

Hey Chris:

I will be there. I will run a broadband and dial up side by side on two different computers.

Your the best!

I’m in.

Will this be the same as the 19th online get together because i can’t get j bowmans intro to run on my computer. it starts but then stops right away. Thanks

Did I miss it???

Got to go, Survivor is on… Wife is yelling to me to hurry-up!

nope. still going on. lots of testing.

The presentation is over now & that was pretty cool! Lot’s of great potential there.

This test run was unbelieveable. GREAT JOB CHRIS!!!

This will take NACHI to the next level!!

Thanks for the hard work Chris. Nick needs to give you a HUGE RAISE!!!

That seems like it will work well for classes. Nice job, Chris. :wink:

EXCELLENT…Just think of the potential.

Great Job Chris - no problems at all on my machine.

i still can’t hear anyone!

This will be a nice set-up once the power point is completed and pictures are available during the commentary.

Nice job Chris.