Help test out the new NACHI Education Log

Hey folks,

We’ve been working on a new version of the NACHI continuing education log system and would like to get some member feedback. The system has been improved in a number of ways, including:

  1. You can now edit/delete entries

  2. Better search features

  3. Easier to use interface
    From an interface point of view these are the three big ones. But the changes go a lot deeper. Soon we will be introducing 3 levels of NACHI-certified continuing education:

  4. Gold (Fully Verified Hours)

  5. Silver (Partially Verified Hours)

  6. Bronze (Unverified Hours)
    If a class offers Gold approved hours, this means that the educator will enter your credits into the system for you, verifying that you took and passed the class.

If the class offers Silver approved hours, the educator will provide everyone who took and passed the class with a special code that you will then have to enter into the system (but you won’t have to enter any of the details–the code will bring up the class name, date, instructor, etc).

All other courses that are approved by NACHI but require manual entry into the system (where you as the member have to type in the class name, date, instructor, etc) are considered Bronze approved hours.

If you are an educator and would like an early start using this new system, contact me at

So, without further ado, here’s the link to BETA TEST the new system. Please note, all changes made during the beta are not permanent and will be deleted when the system goes live.

TESTING IS OVER, Check back soon for the live system

***To test out some Silver approved TEST courses, enter the following codes (none of these are real classes, though they may be inspired by real classes).

  • 13673-3KK-KLDH (Legal Issues, Mar 5)

  • 13674-3KK-KLEE (Legal Issues, Feb 2)

  • 13670-3KK-KL7K (Allergen and VOC Inspections, Feb 5)

  • 13671-3KK-KL8K (Indoor Air Quality Assessment Course, May 25)

  • 13672-3KK-KL99 (Indoor Air Quality Assessment Course, Jan 10)
    We also want to test out some Gold approved hours. To have some Gold TEST hours added to your account, please choose one of the following:

  • Beginning Electrical Inspection

  • Advanced Electrical Inspection
    And post your selection with your full NACHI ID in a reply below. We will add the credits for you (which is required for Gold hours).
    Thanks to all who help out. Any/all feedback is appreciated!


Hi Chris,

I added 13673-3KK-KLDH (Legal Issues, Mar 5) successfully.

But when I tried to add: 13671-3KK-KL8K [FONT=‘Times New Roman’](Indoor Air Quality Assessment Course, May 25) I received the following blurb.[/FONT]

Sorry, there is no course with that code.

I hope that helped…

Thanks for the feedback, Larry. It should be fixed in the next 5 miniutes (the problem happens when you have a space before or after the code, which is very easy to accidentally do when you copy and paste it).


Chris, the credits field under the Charity section do not have a limit set on them, I enterd 50, they should have a valid range or value attached.

I tested by entering these codes EDU-0000-0538-61>Standards of Practice
EDU-0000-0543-10> NACHI online Electrical course.
EDU-0000-0546-80>NACHI online Roofing course.
My answer in red was there is no such course. I tried without the EDU and the same response…I have taken all of these and passed. Plus a few others.
It states I have no credit hours.
But when I hit the exam taken they these 3 do show up.

lol…my area has results for tests I actually never took…like a Kentucky Exam and many others…are they just samples Chris?

I took the Electrical course and exam. I passed
Daniel B. Lewis

How do you Verify hours for Chapter meetings? I had 1 in Orlando, Fl. on 3-14-07, over 30 HI’s was there. I have the list

That problem is fixed now - there was a line left out of the code that made it display every course. Thanks for pointing that out!

NACHI IT Support