help this little girl, and get ack at me at the same time!

Well, for those of you thinking of a way to get back at me, here’s your chance.

In our local newspaper today, I read about this sick little girl here in Rockland County, NY. She has a debilitating and very rare brain disease. The story is quite sad, actually.

Anyway, they are doing a fundraiser. I asked Nick if HQ would be willing to kick some $$ for this worthy cause. He said yes, as Nick always does. He also laughed when I told him what I was doing.

On February 4th, I will brave the cold and join the Stony Point Seals for a swim in the frigid water of the Hudson River, to try and raise some bucks. The river will be just above freezing, and I will venture in up to my neck.

The real goal is to try and raise enough money to help purchase a specially equipped van for the family. Raffles are the way to go, and its a pretty good deal. $50 gets you a chance to win $5000.

Chapters that kick in, could conceivably end up with some real operatng $$ for FY-2007. At $50 for this cause, its worth the chance. Of course, individuals can also purchase.

So for those of you who want to see me freeze my nads off, here’s your big change to laugh at me while my lips turn blue.

Some info on the org, the event, the raffle, and this little girl…

What say you all?

Polar Plunge for Joe F. That day, I’ll be a member of NAFCHI. You figure it out…

Contact me for info…

Nads Are Freezing Certified Home Inspector.

Talk about shrinkage. Can you really afford any more of that, Joe?:wink:

National Association of F’ing Cold Home Inspectors

Please provide photos Joe, of you shaking and holding
yourself… please. Just thinking about it makes me
feel warm…:mrgreen:

Ahhh…now your VOICE will be as high as mine…but it will come back ONCE they drop back into place…BRRRRRRR…COOOLLLLDDDDDD

Donation sent Joe…

Have fun!!!

Consider it SENT my friend…You actions are well noted in that little BOOK being HELD at the pearly gates…