Help understanding this answer

Can someone please tell me where this answer is in the training materials, and/or explain to me why this is the right choice?

Thanks in advance.
Greg H.

Note: Assumption is being made that the stairwell is exterior due to the concern with the Frost Line.

Key word here is… ‘Overlooked’.
All other answers are basic and obvious.
To assist with your understanding…
I live in an area of Minnesota where the “Frost Line” is near 6 ft (65-72 inches).
Frost line definition is measured “below grade”.
A basement stairwell is no longer “below grade” and is now exposed to the elements, thus the frost line is below the stairwell, NOT the original grade.


Good question!

Are we not looking for broke or damaged stuff. Are safety issues not a priority?

What is frost about? Something that may cause a significant issue? Like a “damaged wall” which is one of the answers.

(6) General Exclusions.
(a) Home inspectors are not required to report on:
8. Predict future condition, including but not limited to failure of components

  1. A statement that the report does not address subterranean systems or system
    components (operational or nonoperational), :thinking:

I’m speculating here but… This question and it’s probable high difficulty rating is in there to balance out the easier questions and please the test algorithms.

Life Tip: Memorize the goofy questions word-for-word so that when they show up on the exam you just know the answer instinctively.


I agree with @jjonas

But also, it appears you are in a “foundation” section of the course (based on the next question) which is another clue.


Assuming it was interior is where I was wrong.

I live in South Florida where we don’t have basements or frost. Really gets me confused on some of these!

Thank you for your help!

Exactly what I did. Passed my state test yesterday! Thanks!