Help wanted - San Diego

We are looking for an experienced 1099 inspector in San Diego. We are only considering inspectors who have been in the game for a few years, no new inspectors. We are too busy to train from scratch. We are looking for someone who has industry contacts (agents) who can start right away.

We provide a generous split of the fees; certain equipment such as IR camera; bonus plan; E&O insurance; all back office support.

Preferred requirements:
3 or more years of inspection experience
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Good industry relationships
Punctual (which means 10 minutes early)
Willing to work some weekends
Homegauge User or familiar with computer generated reports
Prefer NACHI certificiation
Reliable vehicle
No “Agent haters”

Please e-mail only resume or questions to me at:

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Call Russell Ray, I believe he laid off about 6-7 qualified inspectors late last year or earlier this year. You might also contact Michael Maseline @ A+ Inspections, he might be interested in some consulting work.

Good Luck!

Hey this is the first time I saw that we are labeled as a non-member. I AM A MEMBER! Nachi ID NACHI05120698

We are still looking for an inspector

If he already has his own contacts, why would he need to work for you and split fees?

Just asking.

Those are “Preferred” requirements. We would just like someone with some experience. If they have some contacts they will be successful more quickly.

I know the logic is that if someone has contacts, why would he want to work for someone else…

Haven’t you ever seen a job posting that asks for experience? Has every job you’ve applied for said “no experience required”? If so, they were probably entry level.

Our feeling is that if an inspector has the ability (time, funds, experience) to run his own business successfully, more power to him. I did it. Most of the guys and gals on this message board did it.

But… There are experienced inspectors out there who don’t want to deal with the headaches of running the business, they just want to work and get well paid. I have a couple of guys working for me just like this. Excellent inspectors, lots of experience, but just want to work and make money, not deal with phone calls, websites, marketing, paying bills etc.

This is not a scam, franchise offer, or in any other way a rip off. We are just simply offering a position in a very busy, growing inspection company. We offer a very generous split (and yes this is confidential so don’t start asking on this board), insurance, equipment, bonuses, gas allowance, etc.

Thanks for allowing me to explain.

Honest answer.
At least you did not come in here acting like you were the only superman in town.

Who’d a thought Ramona would be home to a multi-inspector inspection firm. Aren’t there only like three homes in the entire area;-)

It may seem that way after the last two big fires that blew right throguht here. But Ramonais actually very big, 50,000 population.

We do most of our work all over the county.

Hmmmmmm I wounder what you mean by that?

I hate to be the one to tell you this but San Diego only has 1 qualified home inspector and property consultant. I would think he would never apply for a job.

But I guess that is why you are searching the whole state.

I don’t understand the last post. One qualified inspector? Can you please elaborate?


I think he means this guy

I sent a message to Russell to see if he had any input. No reply. Is he still inspecting?

Yes that is right. He does 95% of all home inspections in the San Diego area. In a slow market he does 99.9% because he knows far more about marketing than you will ever know. He is the founder of many web sites, works 7 days a week 23 hrs a day plus holidays and don’t forget major sporting events as well, he is flown out to homes to inspect them on tropical islands, he has been on air force one to inspect the presidents brother-in-laws hunting cabin and witnessed Chaney being shot, he can inspect a 6000 sf home in less than an hour using only a camera equipped with video. Shall I go on?

No more! I’m feeling queezy.

I just feel humble and lucky to do the few houses that he is too busy to do.

I understand but I thought you should know what you were up against. You may want to re-locate.

I’m thinking you and RR won’t be having a dinner date any time soon;-)