Help Wanted. Volunteer message board moderators of non-members wanted.

It seems that you were in favor of the moderating, when it first came about. Now you seem to be opposed to it, saying it has made NACHI a joke, etc. I was just wondering why the different attitude now? Thats all. Or did I completely misunderstand? Always a possibility!!!

Why does it matter, or are you going to start bashing him now to Frank? Someone questioned you, and you reply with that? Maybe you could reply in alls caps or really big type like you always do when someone questions you.

And now I’m sure I’ll be questioned for questioning the questioner.

Well you won’t get a red. :mrgreen:

Home owners and expectant inspectors-to-be come on here with legitimate questions, and generally receive intelligent replies. “Moderation” has already stifled that process, no new non-member input since Friday.
Is that the way you’all want to go?

John Kogel

The reason that I think this is “one big joke” is because I have been a member of NACHI since January 2004.

  • During those last five plus years the “miscellaneous section” has always been closed to any postings except from NACHI members.

When the "new format was implemented I noticed that a nonmember had posted in this section.

  • Seeing what I thought was a “Bug” in the system I “reported” this post to our “IT section/Chris Morrell”.
  • What became of it?
  • Absolutely nothing!
  • The post by the nonmember remained and still remains visible in the “Members Only Miscellaneous Section”.

To top that off at one of our members posted false information that;

  1. I was a moderator.

  2. I "held up " some poor innocent victims post-for three days!

  3. I was chastised because this poor innocent victim’s post did not contain slander, libel, or anything else worthy of deletion!

Now remember… I was reporting a “bug in the system” and nowhere, and I repeat no where did I state that the nonmembers post was libelous in any way shape or form!

  • So … the post by a nonmember in the miscellaneous section remained, was never deleted, and all I got was a ration of baloney by those who take glee in attacking every little thing that I say!
  • So my opinion is that this has been an effective and completely useless!

The new “report a post” forum is a joke and only opens the door for more worthless endless debate!

I hope that this clears us up for you.:wink:

It sounds like you are truly unhappy / miserable and maybe you got out of the wrong side of the bed!

I hope that “You Have a Nice Day”:wink:

Frank…ok, I was mistaken…it seemed that you were for moderators, and then not. You are simply not happy with the system put in place to moderate. I was just asking…no biggy…but thanks for explaining!

To answer your question, neither. I am the Chief Deputy, or in some states, they call them “Undersheriffs”, at a Sheriff’s Office. It is a small picture, the one off my ID card!

I get it Frank, you have been a member since Januaryy of 2004. Does that make you any better than the rest of us? Maybe, maybe not. My point is in alot of your posts you come off as one that is trying to one up the next guy. That’s all.

I hope you have a nice day as well.:smiley:

I replied to another of your posts in another thread as well but this explanation can explainthat also.

[FONT=Arial]Thanks for the explanation! Stay Safe! :p[/FONT]

I hope that it was something “NICE”!:stuck_out_tongue:

I have 91 E-Mails to answer and… I have 37 “NACHI posts” appear in my mail box.

I have not had time to read them all!

If you stop and think about it… I am NOT your enemy!

Have a Nice Day! :wink:

Oh snap!

Which village in Washington state is missing it’s idiot today?:roll:

Come on Michael, let’s be a little more creative. JB just used that one. :roll:

Ah, but it fits so well.:smiley:

Ok. Back to the scheduled “snap”. What do you have to say about your reversal?

What? You don’t agree with the process? Like I tell my daughter, use your words.

Apparently you are lacking in reading comprehension today.:roll:

I make it simple for you.

The system sucks.

I want no part of it.

If you do, contact Chris.

Yes, without the power of Mike, himself, and MAYBE another to delete posts as he sees fit, he wants nothing to do with it.

Let Freedom Ring.

Have you changed your mind about Obama yet?