Help Wanted. Volunteer message board moderators of non-members wanted.

easy :twisted:

I completely agree Jeff.
This is a VERY slippery slope and the position of “moderator” should not be taken or approved lightly.

Ive been fighting for this for along time. count me in if the need arises.

Who are we ASHI or NACHI? Moderation of this board will be it’s downfall. If somebody wants to join a moderated board, join ASHI. What is this organization turning into?
The biggest complaint I hear about this board is NACHI inspectors asking stupid questions. I have always responded, at least these members are willing to ask questions for they will not harm the consumer. I usually always get a reply back saying, but it is not professional. So next, I suspect when a member asks a stupid question his post will be deleted because it is not professional and reflects bad on NACHI. The crayon is on the wall, all you got to do is read it.
Nick has said in the past that NACHI needs to be criticized because then we will know what to approve on. Eliminating nonmembers from criticizing NACHI will cause this organization to live in a bubble. Oblivious to what is really going.
Members are not leaving recently because of this message board. It is the direction this organization is going in. Sad, but true.

Stop being so dramatic, you sound like my wife.

How long have you been a member? 6 months

Ask some of the senior members how much things have changed? and they all started gradually just like this. Hopefully, when I am gone somebody will pull up my former posts to prove to you I am right. Have not been wrong yet.

So you want to go on record claiming that this will result in all innocent newbie questions being deleted?

I would be willing to help when available.

All the exagerated predictions are nice, but non-members will not
suffer too much…

Nick said

I do not think that this is a good idea. It lends itself to ‘account settling’, revenge and bashing. It empowers a group of what will be seen to be our ‘betters’ to decide what will and what will not be seen by the rest of us. It is indeed a dangerous and slippery slope.

That being said, I will throw my name into the ring because I think that this is a bad idea. I think it is important to have some people on this committee who recognize the possible damage that can be done and stand on guard against it. As well, I think that there should be a minimum number of votes or a majority required before any messages are removed.

Yes, if the nonmember policy goes forward in a few years this will follow.

What do you think “libel” means? It can be defined in many ways.

Nick, no one here but you (besides myself of course) has a well defined sense of fair play and is dedicated to the principals of free speech I believe this is a huge mistake and the first step down the slippery slope of censorship. Mark my words you can expect a big drop-off in participation on this message board, especially from some of those who are clamoring to be moderators. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

Agreed, if anything at all, the new “volunteer” moderators should be kept seperate from the ESOP committee. The Esop is involved in too many other debates and involved in personal attacks all the time, it is my opinion that this new office be kept seperate at least, if not abolished all together.

Dammit Ben, us Kelly’s are just naturally smart, what a curse. :smiley:

I thought this was going to be done just to stop the phoney Ray Wand posts and multiple accounts type thing. Not to discourage open debate…that wouldn’t be a good thing…

Have you noticed it is mostly the ones that lose the debates are pushing this new rule. I think their feeling must get hurt. They need to stop taking things so seriosly or get a life, one or the two.

That is what has been proposed by Nick.

Did you mean “Uglier” Jeff???

What is it you don’t understand about a slippery slope? The notion of moderating to stop the phony Ray Wand posts and multiple accounts is simply a line in the sand which can be moved at anytime to serve the whim of the soon powers to be.